It’s “hot” in Europe, and not only the weather and economy

Europe is occupied with “Chopin and his Europe”, “King Arthur”, Steven Osborn (pianist), Hedwig Bilgram (composer) and Gabor Boldorsky (trumpet)… festivals, concerts, la bohème… And here Iam struggling with the computer….

The summer, so longed for but lasting for an isntance, is coming to its end. This summer was rather “hot” for Europe too. Our European neighbours also got to experience our “desired but at the same time unbearable” hot weather. However, we got to enjoy the “rejuvenating” summer and now with fresh enthusiasm let us try to keep the track of what we have missed or are now missing that is taking place in Europe. As usual, there is active cultural life going on.

2012 has a unique importance for Europe’s cultural life: this year European Festival Association celebrates its brilliant anniversary. Yet in Bergen, Norway the very occasion has brought together the Association members, friends and colleagues from the wider cultural and professional community.  Embracing the motto “60 Years On: Festivals and the World”, the very responsible work is carried out that outlines the world tomorrow.

The tourists visiting Brussels this month simply admired the famous “flower carpet” (“Tapis de Fleurs”) covering 20,000 sq feet in the heart of the city’s Grand Place. Every two years Grand Place is decorated with begonias. This carpet of 77 m x 24 m is made up of about one million begonias by 120 volunteers. This year Tapis de Fleurs is dedicated to Africa. The motifs consist of masterpieces belonging to artists from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Congo, Cameroon and Botswana.

Here is what Europe is capable of. The latter, moreover, besides the eye-pleasant events also has got something to please our ears. This refers to classical and modern music up to theatre and dances… To cut it short, summer is the exact time to get to enjoy Europe’s cultural offers. However, we inform those readers who happen to get moody that there are still more interesting events to come, specifically, in Slovenia where annual Ljubljana Mladi Levi dance and theatre festival will take place. This fest is particularly known for unveiling young talents of the contemporary progressive theatre. If you have not discovered such talents in yourselves, then do not get disappointed: maybe next year you will be lucky enough or you can simply complete the rows of interested audience.

At the beginning of September you can visit Netherlands, Utrecht and enjoy Gaudeamus Muziekweek that presents an interesting mix of young composers from all over the world and new music.

Well, when talking about September, one of the first things that since school years comes to our minds is reading: books, books and again books… We remind our booklover friends that from Spetember 4th to 15th more than thousand authors from different parts of the world will gather in Berlin at international literature festival to read and discuss their craft.

With a sincere hope to take part in the coming European festivals we announce the musical “cհord” of September. It will sound in Austria in the framework of “Steirischer Herbst” festival.

Also let us not forget about our cultural heritage and remind our Armenian compatriots and European friends in Armenia that the 9th Republican contest named after Arno Babajanyan and designated for young pianists has already started. The very contest that carries the name of the renowned composer was founded in 1986 and is organized every three years. It is aimed at unveiling talented young pianists, contributing to their professional activities, preparing them for international contests as well as helping them in promoting their piano works. Let’s hurry to enjoy Babajanyan’s days…

Christine Hovsepyan