Each year, as we approach the Independence Day, on September 19th the Civil Society Day is celebrated in Armenia. The objective of this Day is to spread the idea of civil society among citizens and make them an integral part of this idea. That’s why every year the holiday bears the slogan “We Are the Civil Society”.

The first time Civil Society Day was celebrated in Armenia was in 2009.

2012 was not an exception, and this year Armenian citizens again had the opportunity to hear and speak about civil society in Armenia and its achievements.

This year the CS Day celebration is devoted to youth and teenagers, as they are the main cornerstone and future creators of civil society. The event took  place again in Lovers’ Park and was open to a wide public.

The programme of the event included:

Information fair with participation of the member organizations of CS Day organizational committee;

Put in “Your Voice” Boxes description of issues you have or experience which need public outreach or solution;

Forum theatre performance;

Interactive trainings and debates with youth participation;


Various civil society organizations, state and international organizations, as well as ordinary citizens participated in this festive event.

The event was organised through the initiative of a number of organisations: CDPF, Counterpart International Armenia, Deem Communications company, AISEC, School of Young Leaders etc.