Independent Armenia is 21!

No doubt that peace and independence are the highest and the most precious values that are achieved through combat, through saving no efforts and through giving no less sacrifice. Armenia is no exception and our already 21-year old independence and fragile peace are reached through a challenging path of hundreds of years but still with a firm will.

On behalf of the “European Integration” NGO team, I would like to congratulate us all on the occasion of the independent Republic of Armenia’s 21st anniversary wishing us all prosperous, peaceful, stable, democratic and powerful future.

It is worth mentioning that today is a special day for the whole world too – International Peace Day. It is the day to celebrate, prioritize or long for peace, the shortage of which is felt the most throughout the world. My wish, unfortunately, stays the same as in the previous year: let the peace be not a dream of thousands, but rather an indisputable reality.

Haykuhi Katrjyan