We are 10 years “young”!

10 years have passed since the foundation of our organization. During the 10 years of its existence our organization had its achievements and picks. Various projects were developed and accomplished, and many more are yet waiting to be born. You can find out about our work done in our Completed Projects section.

Also a lot has happened in our country during these 10 years in the sphere of European Integration: following the launching of European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), the Eastern Partnership (EaP) initiative was inaugurated in May 2009, EU increased its presence in Armenia through its various assistance instruments and projects. Now Armenia is in active negotiations with the EU around the Association Agreement. Just recently during the 10th plenary session of the Armenia-EU Association Agreement talks convened in Brussels the Agreement’s 28 sections, which refer to economic, financial, and domain-based cooperation, have been closed provisionally.

Debates are ongoing on the importance of convergence to European values (that always stood at the core of our nation’s identity), reforms are being implemented in different spheres, starting from education to justice system.

Although in a slow pace, but we are moving towards European Integration. The path is full of success and some failures as well, naturally. But it is the healthy and natural process where we discover the beauty of small steps towards the final goal.

In conclusion we would just like to say

“Happy Birthday!

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Bon Anniversaire!

Buon compleanno!

Շնորհավո~ր ծնունդդ



“European Integration”NGO Team