Cultural NGO “Teutonia” of the Germans in Armenia

“Teutonia” cultural non-governmental organization of the Germans living in Armenia was registered in the Ministry of Justice of Armenia on January 23, 2007. It unites 25 families (125 people) of the Russian Germans’ generations.

Since march 2009 the organization members the International Union of German Culture (IUGC) (Pirogovskaya 5, Moscow city).

The organization mainly implements cultural-educational activities: it carries on the duty of presenting the history of the Russian Germans, information about their culture and religion to their compatriots, i.e. other citizens of Armenia. The organization assign primary importance to the study of the mother tongue: there has been functioning a Sunday School at the Centre of National Minorities of Armenia (14-15 floors, Saryan 22, Yerevan city) since April 1, 2011.

NGO “Teutonia” is respectful towards all the nationalities living in the South Caucasus. It continues the good traditions of the predecessors, who yet back in 1818 moved here with a purpose to live nearby the biblical Mount Ararat. They settled on the surrounding area of the river Kura, in Katharinenfeld (Bolnisi), in Elisabettal (Tetri-Tskaro), in Alexanderdorf (Tbilisi region Digomi), in Noy-Tiflis (Mardzanishvili square, Tbilisi city), in Elenendorf (Khanlar), in Annenfeld (Shankhhor) and elsewhere.

Together with the state and national holidays of their place of residence the Russian Germans also celebrate their own holidays and memorial days:

1. Christmas on December 24-25;

2. New Year on January 1;

3. Easter (on Sunday and Monday);

4. Start of spring on May 1;

5. Memoral Day on August 28. This is a “black day” in the history of the Russian Germans when o August 28 of 1941 the Supreme Soviet stated an order “About the Resettlement of the Germans of Volga region” to Siberia and Kazakhstan.

6. Germany’s Reunion Day on October 3.

“Teutonia” closely collaborates with the other national minorities living in Armenia, with the Coordination Council on National Minorities of the Republic of Armenia under the advisor to the RA president, with the Ethnic Minorities Affairs Department under the RA Government, with the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of the South Caucasus.

There are also respectful relations established with the embassy of the German Federation in Armenia.Citizens of German descent as well as those of any other nationality interested in the problems of the Germans are welcome to get involved in the activities of the NGO “Teutonia”.

Victor Vukhrer

Chariman of the NGO “Teutonia”, Armenia



It is one of our organization’s to promote the promotion of the European values which also embrace the idea of everyone’s equal involvement and participation in all spheres of life in a given state. The issue of raising awareness within our society on the national minorities in Armenia, their problems, the organization representing their interests is rather important. On the other hand, we also aim at promoting the efficiency of the organizations which represent the interests of the national minorities in Armenia as well as support its European integration path through active cooperation with them. Therefore, we consider it our duty to utmostly reach the very objectives through our resources available. Read more…

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