“World Insight” will be on your screens again!

We present to our readers the press release text received from our media partner “Armedia” IAA:

“Recently through various channels (phone, social network, email) the “Armedia” IAA has received inquiries from the viewers of our TV program “World Insight” concerning the reasons of not broadcasting it anymore.

We should mention that the TV program of “Armedia” IAA has been excluded from Yerevan TV’s programs list not by our initiative. Everything occurred so unexpectedly and rapidly that our working team did not have the opportunity at least to inform our devoted viewers that we would no longer be broadcasted. Nevertheless, taking this advantage, we would like to thank Yerevan TV channel for years of cooperation, particularly express our gratitude to everyone who has worked with us, to all our team members and, of course, to our audience!

We are more than convinced that the Armenian TV-viewers are still interested in serious and educational programs and we would like to assure them that the “World Insight” will yet appear in the Armenian air. Currently, we conduct negotiations with high-ranking and recognized TV channels on broadcasting our exclusive materials about various countries of the world, our insight to this world and the world’s view of Armenia. We hope that the new TV channel, which will broadcast “World Insight” (or its renewed version), will have a wider coverage, in all senses of that word.

Once we reach a final agreement with a TV channel, we will additionally inform about it through mass media. We assure our “fans” that very soon the “World Insight” will be on your screens again!”

“European Integration” NGO