French protesters will fight against the legalization of same-sex marriage till the end

The controversial bill on the same-sex marriage and the couple’s adoption of children is on the agenda of the French Senate. If passed, it would make it legal for the same-sex couples to get married as well as adopt children.

Those opposing the bill have protested since the proposal of the bill. Also yesterday numerous fighters for the social morality gathered in the streets of Paris before the Senate building and in Tulle, visited by president Francois Hollande. The protesters called for the rejection of the bill. They are convinced that such a freedom of homosexuals is not a sign of a modern society but rather a way to the latter’s moral exhaustion. According to the activists the Executive should realize that they would fight till the end.

The aforementioned bill the idea of which was included in Hollande’s pre-electoral programme has faced fierce criticism among public. The protests against this initiative that first started in November, 2012 in all over the country, has united right-centrists, nationalists, conservativists and the Catholic Church. The largest protest took place on March in Paris that gathered about 1.4 million people and was recorded as the largest in recent decade.

To mention, once the bill is passed by the Senate it will return to the Parliament for the final voting.

Armine Harutyunyan