Our Team: Introduction

“Our team” includes Board members of NGO “European integration” (including Chairman, Vice-chairman and Secretary) and the staff of the projects implemented and being implemented by the organization.

“European Integration” NGO Board members, Chairman, Vice-chairman and Secretary have been elected for 5 years term during the extraordinary Assembly held in 2019.


Barkhudaryan Izabella

Karapetyan Naira 

Katrjyan Haykuhi 

Melikyan Arpine

Ohanyan Karine



Karapetyan Naira   naira.karapetyan@europeanintegration.am


Katrjyan Haykuhi   haykuhi.katrjyan@europeanintegration.am

Responsible Secretary

Melikyan Arpine  arpine.melikyan@europeanintegration.am




Barkhudaryan Izabella
  • Member of “European Integration” NGO since 2008
  • Board member of “European Integration” NGO


  • Centre for European Studies, Yerevan State University   (MA)
  • Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology, Yerevan State University  (BA)


  • Chairman’s consultant of “European Integration” NGO 
  • Board member, secretary of “European Integration” NGO
  • Chairman’s assistant and interpreter of “European Integration” NGO 
.Katrjyan Haykuhi 
  • Member of “European Integration” NGO since 2008
  • Board member and vice-chairman of “European Integration” NGO 


  • Faculty of International Relations,  Yerevan State University (MA)
  • Faculty of Industrial Sociology graduate, Yerevan State Engineering University
  • Yerevan School of Political Studies (graduate)


  • Secretary of “European Integration” NGO
  • Employee of Department of  International Cooperation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia
  • Employee at MGI Systems Organization

Melikyan Arpine 

  • Member of “European Integration” NGO  since 2015
  •  Board member, secretary of “European Integration” NGO
  • Journalist of “Armedia” Information, Analytical Agency


  • International Scientific Educational Center, Armenian National Academy of Sciences (MA)
  • Faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology, Yerevan State University (BA)


  •  Chairman’s assistant of “European Integration” NGO
  • Staff operator at Municipality of Charentsavan (Armenia) 
  •  English teacher at High School N1 after M. Mashtots (Charentsavan, Armenia) 
  •  Senior Specialist at Registration Office of Civil Acts (Charentsavan, Armenia) 

Ohanyan Karine

  • Member of “European Integration” NGO since 2010
  • Board member of “European Integration” NGO 
  • Editor  of  “Armedia” Information, Analytical Agency


  •  Department of Russian Philology, Artsakh State University


  • “Stepanakert Press Club” Board member
  • Journalist in Artsakh television, “Demo” independent magazine
  • Wide experience of cooperation with international organizations Article 19, Conciliation Resources, International Alert and many others
  • “I am human” Film Festival jury member
  • Author of more than 500 articles published in Armenian and Nagorno-Karabakh press and of about 50 materials published in international publications including IWPR, The Moscow Times, BBC Russian, etc.