“European Integration” non-governmental organization was established in 2000 and officially registered on November 14, 2002.

“European Integration” non-governmental oganization is a voluntary social unit based on the integrity and common interests of its members and operates in accordance with the legislation, laws and international agreements of Republic of Armenia, its Statute.

The organisation’s name reflects its objectives—the main goal is the promotion and further dissemination of democratic values in the Republic of Armenia (RA) and the formation of civil society.

We believe that the way to fulfil this goal is for Armenia to integrate into the European family.

“European Integration” non-governmental organization carries out its activities based on the following priorities:

  1. European integration,
  2. conflict transformation, peace-building,
  3. issues concerning youth,
  4. cooperation with mass media,
  5. work in the RA regions and NKR,
  6. possibilities of engaging civil society in development of SME-s through study and application of the European experience,
  7. capacity building and development of civil society organizations

It is mainly in these directions that the projects of the organization are designed, worked out and implemented.

During the long years of its activities it is based on the abovementioned priorities that the organization has carried as well as worked out a number of researches, TV programs, publications, seminars, trainings, conferences, discussions and other events.